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We are a Bangalore-based IT infrastructure engineering and solutions company founded in 2013. Our expertise is in IT infrastructure engineering and solutions. We help enterprises in devising, implementing and managing Cloud-based IT infrastructure and services. We work in Cloud Computing, Big Data, DevOps, Storage and Security domains.

Cloud Consulting

We can swiftly evaluate your technical and business requirements to devise the most suitable roadmap for Cloud adoption. With our understanding of Cloud technology, we can manage your IT transition from physical infrastructure to Cloud. Our solutions are both cost-effective and scalable.

  • Respond to your business needs quickly with simplified and agile IT
  • Take advantage of the simplified 'pay-as-you-use' cost structure for your IT

    BIG DATA Consulting

    We can help you plan, configure, install and run your BIG DATA deployment, that is optimized to achieve your business goals. Irrespective of the technology you're using, our team has the necessary expertise to ensure that your unique challenges are met. We can help you in dimensioning the DATA and accordingly provision the required infrastructure.

    • Save time and effort on acquiring and sustaining BIG DATA deployment skills
    • You focus on DATA ANALYSIS while we manage your BIG DATA infrastructure


Strategic IT Consulting

Through the alignment of IT adoption and deployment strategy, our strategic IT consulting services will you to create significant value and attain competitive edge through optimization. We help you to improve your IT infrastructure performance and assist you in deriving most value out of your IT expenditure.

  • IT performance management
  • IT strategy and transformation


System Integration

We help you to design and implement large IT systems through efficient integration of several smaller systems. We can also assist you in optimizing the productivity of large systems which comprise multiple IT sub systems.

  • IT system integration for custom implementation
  • Enhance performance and productivity of your heterogeneous network


Managed Services

Our managed services simplify your IT operational and investment challenges by delivering IT infrastructure and applications as completely administered services. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of outsourced IT services. We provide on-site and remote IT assistance and also offer Desktop as a Service (DAAS) options.

  • Remote Infrastructure Management Service
  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure management



Our experts with their hands-on experience provide valuable technology insights which can be shared with others. A lot of this sharing happens through open blogs and white papers. Beside this we also offer trainings on specific technologies whose complexity will be made simpler.

  • Training on Cloud and BIG DATA technologies for corporate teams
  • Assistance to corporate project teams for Cloud and BIG DATA related projects

    High Performance Computing (HPC)

    By leveraging the advanced networking and high computational capabilities of Amazon EC2 Cluster instances, we help you in provisioning clusters that can give you supercomputing class performance without the need to build your own HPC facility. You can choose from running a single large cluster to running multiple smaller clusters concurrently to address application scaling limits

    • Ability to provide low cost but powerful HPC solutions
    • Super computing power at any time, any long and from anywhere

    IT Security / Compliance

    Our understanding of U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology's 800 series enables us to devise an economical industry-standard IT Security policy. We help you with the selection and implementation of controls for meeting regulations. We also provide the necessary technical guidance for the precise implementation of selected controls.

    • Understanding of regulatory security standards
    • Comprehensive technical guidance for implementation of controls

    Data Backup & Recovery

    We offer a unique business value to you in SAN, NAS and Cloud storage solution design and implementation. Since there is no general storage solution that can cope with all scenarios, we offer a customized economical storage solution which fits your needs.

    • Storage Management Expertise: Backup, Recovery, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)
    • Custom storage solution



    We have a good understanding of virtualization technologies. These can be be leveraged with Cloud offerings to provide solutions like Anywhere Desktop, Work-from-home Set-up, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

    • Private Cloud & VDI Adoption
    • Application virtualization



    Our expertise in DevOps will enable your organization to cultivate the best practices and in deploying advance tools bringing predictability and precision. We have strong exposure to tools like Chef and Puppet. We assist you in the design and implementation of Continuous Integration, development of automated test suites and automation of code/build Management.

    • End-to-End build and deployment automation
    • Automated Infrastructure Provisioning


    SaaS Applications

    We have a strong experience in building applications using popular frameworks like Ruby-on-Rails and Django. Web service development is one of our core strengths as also the ability to implement complex solutions. We have ca omprehensive understanding of Databases, Web and Application servers, Javascript frameworks, HTML5/CSS3 and various Cloud services.

    • Ruby-on-Rails & Django
    • Relational and Non-Relational Database


Our Approach

We follow a well-defined AIM approach to provide our services



First we thoroughly understand your requirements and accordingly advise the most suitable solution with the necessary reasoning.



On acceptance of the solution, we assist you in implementing the proposed solution in the best way possible at a reasonable cost.



After implementation, we continue to work with you by providing the production support services.

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