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Costomized kitchen India Pvt.Ltd. Is one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of Restaurant kitchen equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, commercial kitchen equipment in Delhi India.



A taste of how we do things… Why did we choose, what we choose? Many thoughts come to our mind… but there is just one that sticks by.

FOOD… We love food. It is food that creates our connect with the industry that encompasses commercial kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, food courts, educational institutions, industrial canteens, take away joints, bar, lounges, cafes and other food service or food serving outlets. It was all initiated in the month of April 2013 by Tarun Raj, having lived and breathed the service sector for over 10 years. There are many chefs to cook good food. However, there was a need for service and quality-based kitchen equipment service that would help fill the existing gap between the users and commercial kitchen equipment. Now, our clients get a well-rounded, commercial kitchen equipment experience.

We live or die by our promise…
 as we aim to be the best commercial kitchen equipment company in India.

In fact, through our sheer hard work, CKI won the “Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year 2016”, awarded by Skilled India Entrepreneurs.

We came up with the idea to serve people, and not just to sell products as one of the commercial kitchen equipment companies in India. We keep in regular touch with our clients not only to apprise the progress of production but also to set realistic goals for closing the service calls or dealing with issues to minimize stress.

Choose from a range of on-going services that take care of maintenance, repairs and deep-cleaning. If things go wrong, our specialist engineers will get you back on your feet, fast. After all, we always strive to be the solution to all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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