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About Us

Headquartered in Bangalore, Winfoware combines the dynamism of a young company with the experience of an enterprise with a proven track record. We understand the demanding, ever changing nature of the business environment and help clients align their IT systems with business goals.

With our Winnovative Approach, we incubate emerging technologies; offer architecture alternatives and technology value adds; provide collaborative online tools that enable continuous visibility and predictable performance and deliver customized solutions according to the needs of the customer/engagement.

At Winfoware, our services integrate existing systems with a more advanced IT environment, even while retaining the advantages of conventional and established business models. The company operates from various offices located in US, Europe and Asia.
Winfoware has managed large scale customer engagements for a variety of industries including Education, Health-care, Infrastructure, Telecom, Retail, Banking and Public services.

Awards and recognition
Winfoware has received recognition from NASSCOM for innovation in INDIA for its business model.
We won the Best Solution award at the SAP user summit in 2007.

Company History
Winfoware Technologies Ltd. has evolved rapidly since its inception in 1998 from a modest ten-member team to a large forward-looking global organization. With about eight years of profitable operations, Winfoware has successful partnerships and alliances with industry leaders, active support of institutional investors and an ever growing global customer base

Contact Centre & IVRS

Dialogic Based Contact Center

TouchCenter is a complete Converged Interaction Platform, which brings powerful application capabilities to traditional telephony systems. Traditional systems support only voice telephone calls and media handling capabilities are through non-extensible closed interfaces. TouchCenter brings in a paradigm shift to treatment of traditional telephone calls by exploiting the power of standard based OPEN computing platforms. But, as a multimedia, multi-channel interaction platform, TouchCenter supports not only voice telephone calls but also interactions as Messaging– Voicemail, Fax email and Web interactions and collaboration. Instances across all channels are funnelled into a common queue and based on intelligent programming logic. This mechanism ensures delivery of a consistent experience to the customer across all channels of interaction.

TouchCenter is built using CORBA – the preferred object bus for scalable applications. The basic telephony platform runs on Windows while the applications can be configured to run on other combination of hardware, Operating Systems and databases. This approach helps the customers to deploy an optimum solution that seamlessly integrate the interaction platform with external applications. Moreover, since the platform is based on a pure standard server based technology.
TouchCenter is a comprehensive interaction management platform that goes beyond automation. It is a server-based platform that has switching, voice and fax capabilities. Call and contact center facilities are available with an intelligent call distribution service. The platform also comes with an advanced application integration framework through which applications running on diverse platforms can be integrated with the communications infrastructure.

Platform Highlights:

  1. Native switching
  2. Voice and fax capable
  3. Inbuilt voice messaging services
  4. Works with Analog and Digital PSTN interfaces
  5. Supports analog extensions with phones and/or headsets
  6. Desktop Telephony Control. Unified Desktop
  7. Intelligent Call Distribution capabilities
  8. Remote administration
  9. Advanced business integration capabilities

Business & Functional features:

  1. Call Handling Capacity-Touch Center’s multi-server architecture supports up to 120 simultaneously active call center agents, 4000 simultaneous calls and messages in the system, and more than 80 call arrivals per second
  2. Redundancy capability to reduce infrastructure down-time.
  3. Adapts Emerging technologies
  4. Medium of transaction-Telephone, Mobile, Fax, Internet, Email, Chat, SMS (wireless text)
  5. Improving interaction and customer satisfaction levels
  6. Increase in agents productivity, efficiency and thereby profits

IVRS-Automated Helpline
A cutting-edge technology solution improves customer satisfaction dramatically reduces operating costs.
The IVR solution enables clients to speak to the IVR system to get updated information. The IVR solution has become a pioneering project for any organisation. By automating access to specific information, it helps organisations to decrease customer on-hold times and improve call completion rates.
The key to IVR success is to measure how customers use the system and align these usage patterns with the business objectives of the system. This analysis can be further used to continuously modify and evolve the IVR System to maximise cost savings, revenues and customer satisfaction.

Distinct Features:

  1. Integration to back end applications
  2. Capable of running Multiple applications
  3. Call flow scripting
  4. Integration to PBX switches
  5. Easy to use UI
  6. Reports

Solution Benefits
In comparison with live agents attending customer calls, an Interactive Voice Response System(IVRS) presents users with significant benefits.

  1. Fully Automated system
  2. Alternate channel for interaction
  3. 24*7 Availability
  4. Reduction in manpower
  5. Anytime anywhere access
  6. How we are different

    Our unique value proposition:-

    • Accelerate SPEED to market.
    • De-Risk through delivery governance.
    • Leverage Emerging Technologies.
    • Optimize Engineering Resources.

    Core Offerings:

    • Product Engineering.
    • Application development.
    • Independent Validation & Verification.
    • Portals & Content Management.
    • Application Management.


    • Industry Standard software engineering practices.
    • ISO/CMM Approach to Software engineering.
    • Speed and Innovation.

    Engagement Models & Approach:

    • WINSOURCING-Our Value driven Offshoring Model.
    • Extended Development Centre.
    • Fixed Price Engagements.
    • Consulting(T & M).

    Winfoware Software Engineering Process Group [WSEPG] defines the processes, templates and also makes any improvement to current processes. The SEPG comprises of all Project Managers, Project Leaders and convened by SQA. Standardized Templates Guidelines: Standardized templates are used for all types of project documents. Using templates allows creating comprehensive easy-to-read documents. Guidelines are used in the development process to assist in creating quality project deliverables. Guidelines can be cross-industry and corporate. Standardized Process: Every project is studied in detail based on the customer specification and technology being used. Every assignment would consist of unique tailored process, project plan, configuration management plan, development plan, test plan, release and acceptance plan etc. Execution Methodology

    Plan Build Deploy Operate
    the solutions as per the customer’s functional requirements
    closely with customers to develop a detailed list of functional requirements
    the User-Guide with the customers
    support and maintain what was built upon
    acceptance testing (UAT) and Incremental unit testing
    off on the proposed technical specifications
    product at customer’s premises
    of a detailed operation manual of the system